Expand your export business

Selling overseas is an important part of your business, possibly even the cornerstone. You’ve seen the benefits: from increased revenues and greater security through diversification of risk, to new partnerships and new insights for business models and product development.

But no matter what your level of experience or how big your customer base or turnover, there’s still plenty of new opportunity out there. And we’ll help you find it.

We offer services that let you search for live export opportunities and enable overseas buyers to find your products or services.

Our guidance will give new staff insight into key export concepts, or help you refresh your own knowledge about market research, export finance, routes to market, logistics and more. And we have knowledgeable and experienced international trade advisers and other specialists available to share their expertise and help you break into new markets or develop existing ones.

Your own experience has taught you a lot about exporting. Our resources for experienced exporters can help you move your business to the next level.