New to exporting

Trading abroad can boost your profile, credibility and bottom line. Read our straightforward guidance on how to start selling outside the UK.

Selling overseas: the benefits

The UK accounts for 4% of global GDP. That leaves 96% of the world to aim for. Discover more reasons you should be exporting now.

Getting ready to sell overseas

What you need to know to get started, including preparing your product or service, team, finances and regulatory compliance.

Research your market

The fundamentals of researching your market, from knowing your customer and gauging demand to sizing up the competition.

Routes to market

From selling direct to exporting through local agents, this overview of operating models will help you decide which suits your business.

Face-to-face communication

Meeting in person can often help close the deal and keep customers happy. Learn how to make the most of handshake deals and market visits.

Reach customers online

How to sell outside the UK using the web, from finding the best online marketplace to using social media and making your website international.

Create an export plan

How to draw up an effective export plan so you have a working strategy for successful overseas sales.

Finance for export

Learn about sources of finance to help make exporting a success, plus ways to make sure you get paid.

Shipping and logistics

Find out how to ship your goods, from using a freight forwarder to dealing with transport and documentation yourself.

Customs and licences

Guidance on how to export and doing business abroad has been simplified and includes dealing with customs, licensing and sanctions.

Selling online overseas

Use this service to find an online marketplace for your products and learn about special deals negotiated by the government for UK businesses.