Occasional exporter

You’ve exported before but haven’t made it a regular part of your business plan. You may be missing a golden opportunity. We can help you seize it.

Grow your export business

Reap the benefits of making exports central to your business. Read our tips for breaking into new markets and expanding overseas networks.

Getting ready to sell overseas

What you need to do to be ready for export, including preparing your product or service, along with your team, finances and regulatory compliance.

Research your market

Winning new overseas customers means knowing them - and your competition - inside and out. Refresh your knowledge of the basics to stay ahead.

Routes to market

You can sell to overseas customers directly or through an agent, distributor, license or franchise model. Use this overview to decide which is right for you.

Face-to-face communication

Read our tips for making the most of handshake deals and market visits, and why face-to-face meetings are so important for international business.

Reach customers online

A guide to selling your product or services overseas on the web - from using online marketplaces to winning new customers through social commerce.

Create an export plan

Growing your export business requires clear planning and a smart strategy. Start here, with our summary of the key elements of an effective plan.

Finance for export

Upscaling your export business could require increased funds. Find new sources of finance along with advice on making sure you get paid.

Shipping and logistics

Find the best way to ship your goods - from using a freight forwarder, to dealing with transportation and documentation yourself.

Customs and licences

Read simplified guidance on customs, licensing and sanctions at GOV.UK, along with other information on exporting and doing business abroad.

Selling online overseas

Use this service to find and get on online marketplaces where you can sell your products, plus learn about special deals negotiated for UK businesses.

Find a buyer

This service will allow UK businesses to show their products directly to overseas buyers through the Find a supplier service.

Business from aid projects

The Aid Funded Business service helps you provide your product or service to aid-funded projects worldwide, using its contacts, opportunities and advice.

Export opportunities

Find overseas opportunities from businesses looking for products or services like yours. Filter results by market, sector, value and more.

Speak with a trade adviser

Benefit from the insider knowledge and industry contacts of advisers in your regional office of the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Overseas trade shows

Trade shows help you promote your business overseas and get insights into specific markets. You could be eligible for a grant to attend one.