Customs and licences

Your main focus as an exporter is getting your goods or services to your customer, so you can get paid and your customer will be satisfied. But you also need to comply with UK law and regulations.

For most businesses in the UK this is fairly straightforward. But depending on what you’re exporting and where it’s going, this could potentially involve complying with some regulations and paperwork. Check to see your responsibilities on GOV.UK, where you’ll find helpful information on:

  • customs duties and reliefs
  • Intrastat declarations
  • export licences
  • temporary export permits (to a trade fair, for instance)
  • certificates and permissions
  • sanctions

You must comply with any relevant regulations before you ship your goods or deliver services, but you’ll need to be aware of them in the research stage so you can factor resource and time into your export plan.

So once you’ve found an opportunity  and checked that you’re export-ready, visit GOV.UK to make sure you’re following the regulations. It’ll save you time and effort, which can be spent finding your next opportunity and growing your business.