Create an export plan

Once you’ve completed your initial research, you’ll need to write an export plan.

An export plan outlines your objectives, strategy and preparations for selling your product or service in a new or existing overseas market. It also helps you evaluate risks and benefits.

It’s similar to a business plan but with an international focus.

Your export plan should include:

  • the benefits of exporting your products or services and the unique selling points that may give you a competitive advantage
  • any modifications you might need to make to be able to sell in your chosen market
  • your target markets and the reasons for choosing them
  • which route to market you’ll use and how you will identify the right overseas partners
  • management of your operations, including transport and distribution, intellectual property, customs, licence and other regulations
  • a marketing plan to attract customers and develop your overseas trade
  • an outline of the resources you’ll need to export and how you’ll finance it, including the likely costs of all the additional activity (there are financial options available to help with funding if you have a viable export)

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